Ubuntu-LB AUST Install festival

Jocelyn jhabib at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 09:41:06 UTC 2011

Dear All ,

As we made an event is AUST , and was successful too much people came , i am
preparing the minuts the photos and the presentation on the wiki will be
soon available we will be making soon an installation Festival for 50
Students maximum and we will be install ubuntu standalone , and side by side
, using also wubi , train them hoow to install/remove app , speak about some
alternatives and how to install Canonical partner software , and specially
how to install needed issues for development so they can  use them in their
uni .

do we need help : yes our pleasure

please i will be getting the dates soon to see if anybody is available no
body is obliged to .

last i would like to thank all the people that was in the event , our friend
abed Jabak who organized the the event with the IEEE chapter in Aust , big
thank for elijah who was available all the way for a great help . i know
most of would come but understand work , uni and may the place is too far .


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