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Armageddon thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 14:25:29 GMT 2010

On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 15:06 +0100, Ignace Mouzannar (ghantoos) wrote:
> Hello,
> On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 19:47, Thy Armageddon <thyarmageddon at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Project Equipment:
> > Pentium II PCs with 128MB of Ram
> IIRC, I read somewhere that you wanted to install Xubuntu [1]  on the
> machines. I think this is a good choice as Xubuntu is the most
> up-to-date lightweight Ubuntu derivative. Nevertheless, the minimum
> requirements for this installation seem to recommend having a bit more
> RAM than what is available on your machines:
> ----------------------8<--------------------------------8<----------------------
> You need 192 MB RAM to run the Live CD or 192 MB RAM to install. The
> Alternate Install CD only requires you to have 64 MB RAM at install
> time.

My first choice was to install Xubuntu yes, and LTS was the one I wanted
to install cause it will be used as a lab after all and it needs to be
more stable then personal computers. And I'm not sure if I can open up
other computers and get their RAM and upgrade the ones I will be using
but it is an option I'm not throwing away yet.

> To install Xubuntu, you need 2.0 GB of free space on your hard disk.
> Once installed, Xubuntu can run with starting from 192 (or even just
> 128) MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 256 MB
> RAM.
> ----------------------8<--------------------------------8<----------------------
> Another option would be Fluxbuntu [2]. It is lighter than Xubuntu, but
> less "sexy" when it comes to the user interface. Also, I'm not sure it
> still well supported upstream..

I will check out Fluxbuntu too, it is good to have back up plans.

> In any case, I would recommend installing the LTS versions of the
> distro (i.e. based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS).
> On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 13:56, Armageddon <thyarmageddon at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Thanks a lot Johnny, that is really helpful for setting up samba and I
> > appreciate your help, do you have any idea about setting the mini
> > server ?
> I think that you should setup for the server something like
> "apt-cacher" [3] [4] or "approx" [5] . These are caching proxies for
> Debian packages.

This is a greate idea, I never thought about it :/ Thanks :)

> This way, you setup all your machines to use your server as their
> repository (in /etc/apt/sources.list). As every download is kept in
> cache, all the packages are only downloaded once from the Internet.
> Both applications seem easy to configure, but I have never tested
> neither one of them.
> You may want to read this thread too [6].
> I would be glad to help setting this up.

Thanks a lot batrak, and Cheers to you too :)

> Cheers,
>  Ignace M
> [1] http://www.xubuntu.org/
> [2] http://fluxbuntu.org/
> [3] http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-set-up-a-repository-cache-with-apt-cacher
> [4] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt-Cacher-Server
> [5] http://bethesignal.org/blog/2009/04/13/approx-package-caching-ubuntu-debian-lovers/
> [6] http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-mentors@lists.debian.org/msg58360.html

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