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Thanks for the info mounir and thanks for the insight, but I don't know
and I never knew you don't drink. Anyhow that is not what I meant at
all, what I meant is that we had a meeting where there was alcohol
involved AND it was just fine, no one ever said anything BUT if you are
to mention that you would come but can't attend due to alcohol we
wouldn't mind doing it somewhere else. I hope I was not misunderstood or
as wanting to marginalize anyone. Personally, it never occurred to me
that some of you can not be in a place where alcohol is served and I do
apologize for that. But the last meeting wasn't an Ubuntu meeting, it
was more like a friend's that got to know each other cause of Ubuntu
kind of meeting.

Elijah El Lazkani,

On Mon, 2010-07-26 at 11:55 -0700, mounir younes wrote: 

> Hey Elijah, costa is located near College saint Francois hamra. Just
> go to hamra street and ask anybody you'll find it very easily. And I
> just want to stress something... I might not be an important member
> and I've never had a meeting with you guys but I don't drink so If
> there was a chance for another meeting where drinks are offered I will
> not be able to attend.
> Yalla have a nice day. :D

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