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Youssef Chaker youssef.chaker at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 01:07:31 BST 2010

Hey Guys,
I hope everyone is having a good summer. We once were on the right track of
getting things in order and in place to start making some progress.
I did bring up the discussion about the Hibr.me offer and would like to
reiterate the importance of that opportunity.
I don't like writing that much, so I hope there are some in the group that
would take on that task. As I have mentioned I would definitely help in the
editing process, or any other way that is required.
I (this is the fourth line that starts with an 'I', 2a3ouzou billah min
kilmit 2ana!) have taken the liberty to put something together as an intro
to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu-lb LOCO. This could be a good start to get things

For the lack of a better place to put this, I have shared it with you in the
form of a Google Doc. Keep in mind that the article has to be around 300
words long, hence the lack of a lot of detail and the conciseness of it.

This topic has been discussed in length a few times before, so if you have
any question please be sure to check out the previous emails as well for
more suggestions and ideas.

Youssef Chaker

Software Developer
OpenSource Connections

University Of Virginia
Computer Engineering
Class of 2008
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