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Thu Jul 22 20:40:03 BST 2010

I would go even further, shoot the guy. First, this is not acceptable.
They are basing everything over Microsoft Office. Just like me saying
use Linux if you use OpenOffice.org and if you use Windows you won't be
able to use that because it is not compatible (just as an example). And
secondly, that is it just stupid and shows ignorance both to the user
and the company. 

On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 21:46 +0300, Danny Abukalam wrote:

> http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/windows_or_ubuntu?c=uk&cs=ukdhs1&l=en&s=dhs
> So basically if you don't use windows, use windows.
> if you DO use windows, use windows.
> And only bother using ubuntu if you're interested in open-source
> programming.
> Someone over at dell should start preparing their CV, because whoever
> they are, they SHOULD BE FIRED.
> Danny

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