Ubuntu-LB Open Positions (web/tech, business mgr, political affairs, event organizing)

DM Nabti (م.د. نبتي) digitaldmn at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 14:23:44 BST 2009

Dear LegLug, LebGeeks, Ubuntu-LB, Linux-LB, etc...
Please check out these positions... we need an amazing web-developer/techie
to work with us full-time, at least for the coming six months... using all
open-source tools and systems.

Also... the event organizer is needed to help organize the next BarCamp (end
of Oct??), plus the 4SITE Forum (Investing in Sustainability, Innovation,
Technology, Entrepreneurship; mid-Nov, website up by the end of the
week)...  doesn't have to be a developer, but needs to be a tech-savvy

And some cool projects/etc we could do once we have these projects working
to promote open source, innovation, etc.

Please pass this around and post, and help us find some AMAZING people!



*Open Positions (web/tech, business mgr, political affairs, event

Dear All-
Please spread widely.  We don't have specific deadlines for these positions.
We are looking to hire for these positions soon (urgently!), but we want to
find great candidates to consider for each position.  We are looking for
excellent people who are creative, critical thinkers, hard working,
dedicated to positive change, and responsible.  Please forward on, and
encourage others who are great candidates to apply.  (All people need to
read the specific application requirements before submitting applications.
People who send CVs without sending an appropriate cover letter will not be
considered for these positions.  Please read the instructions available at
the links below.)

*RootSpace* (www.therootspace.org)*
*1) Event Organizer <http://www.therootspace.org/site/jobs%29>
2) Program Developer/Organizer <http://www.therootspace.org/site/jobs>
Contact for questions or submitting applications:  beirut at therootspace.org

*DevIneMedia (Development in eMedia) & Hibr/حبر*  (www.devinemedia.me)
*1) Business/Office Manager <http://devinemedia.me/dev/jobs/biz-manager>
2) Web/Tech Manager <http://devinemedia.me/dev/jobs/web-tech-manager>
3) DevIneMedia Intern <http://devinemedia.me/dev/jobs/devinemedia-interns>
4) Political Affairs Program
Contact for questions or submitting applications:  work at devinemedia.me


RootSpace and DevIneMedia Teams

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