Ubuntu-LB Ubuntu-Lb's Online Meeting Report

Armageddon thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 19:17:17 BST 2009

I apologize to everyone, here's a correction:

"I have a problem with both outlines, none of them gives the full credit
or enough time to Ubuntu as a presentation, the outlines should get
detailed more if we are to choose one of them, but both still need work
even though I tend to prefer the one Jad-J offered. We should talk about
Open Source, GNU/Linux, and Ubuntu that's for sure. For the first two,
in My opinion should be just to explain what they are and their
importance, after all both are the reason Ubuntu is here. And as a
second stage we should talk about Ubuntu vs Windows, Ubuntu's answers to
most problems especially the financial one. And give alternatives to
Windows applications. Not to forget about how easy it is to use
and the support offered and the 3 ways of installation and LiveCD and of
course a little shot of compiz without needing to bring that to the
front, just doing the tasks we need to do but we use compiz during the
process, they will notice that for sure..."

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