Ubuntu-LB Ubuntu-Lb's Online Meeting Report

Armageddon thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 18:19:40 BST 2009

On Sun, 2009-10-04 at 08:41 -0800, Jad Joubran wrote:
> Hello all of you!
> This is the report for Friday's online IRC meeting (2/10/2009).
> > Here is the Meeting's log:
> http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/free/2009/10/02/%23ubuntu-lb.html
> search in the page for: ----meeting started----
> that will take you to the beginning of the meeting.
> As of the end... it's almost the same as the end of the page
> > As for the `active` participants in this meeting they were the
> following:
> [ Armageddon   ] [ JAD       ] [ mapfn        ] [ youssefchaker]
> [ Black_Phantom] [ Jad-J     ] [ matata       ]
> [ bold-ally    ] [ JosephMarc] [ rapacity     ] [ compengi     ]
> [ Liquid-   ] [ SilentRequiem-]
> In addition to ubot2 who enlightened us by saying: <ubot2> Factoid
> 'tijj' not found
> (that factoid was directed to Armageddon :P)
> > The Team is now formed by: Jad-J (me) - JAD - JosephMarc -
> Black_Phantom - Eljak
> The team is formed :D Thanks for all the volunteers!
> And if anyone wants to join... It's still possible!
> >> Message for the Team: I'll be contacting you soon to start the
> project, once everything is done.
> And the project will be posted on https://launchpad.net/ including the
> deadline and everything
> > Meeting Resumee:
> >> Moderator: Jad-J
> >> Goals: Presentation's Target (School or Uni) + Presentation's
> Outline
> >> Goals Success Rate: 75% (the 25% will be done in the mailing list
> without another meeting)
> >>> Resumee:
> We first talked about the audience of the presentation. School or
> University?
> One hour and 30 minutes later, after talking, fighting :P and tijjing
> each other...
> After 2 votes, we finally arrived to the fact that the presentation
> should be aimed to University Students
> and then we will continue our project and expand to schools.
> At this stage, half of the users had left :P
> So the rest of us started talking about the Outline of the
> presentation.
> We couldn't arrive to choose a plan.
> But at the end youssefchaker suggested an outline and so I did. So now
> we have 2 outlines:
> youssefchaker's: http://ubuntu-lb.pastebin.com/f2f16a27f
> Jad-J's: http://ubuntu-lb.pastebin.com/f29d7edb9
> THE OUTLINE YOU PREFER (it could be a new outline.. it doesn't matter)
> > Tips: Here's a tip from SilentRequiem- : use GNU/Linux instead of
> Linux when writing.
> Finally, I would like to thank all the people who attended and helped
> us with everything. Thanks for your time :D
> And I am sure that this meeting was a very important step to start
> working as a team in the community.
> Thanks for reading this long email :P
> Waiting for your replies!
> Bye.
>                                  Jad
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> ______________________________________________________________________
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I have a problem with both outlines, none of them gives the full credit
or enough time to Ubuntu as a presentation, the outlines should get
detailed more if we are to choose one of them, but both still need work
even though I tend to prefer the one Jad-J offered. We should talk about
Open Source, GNU/Linux, and Ubuntu that's for sure. For the first two,
in My opinion should be just to explain what they are and their
importance, after all both are the reason Ubuntu is here. And as a
second stage we should talk about Ubuntu vs Windows, Ubuntu's answers to
most problems especially the financial one. And give alternatives to
Windows applications. Not to forget about how easy it is to use windows
and the support offered and the 3 ways of installation and LiveCD and of
course a little shot of compiz without needing to bring that to the
front, just doing the tasks we need to do but we use compiz during the
process, they will notice that for sure...

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