Ubuntu-LB Elijah El Lazkani

Elijah thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Fri May 29 17:20:29 BST 2009

Mr Jocelyn,

I never spoke against you ever, and again the meeting we are holding
tomorrow at 11am has nothing to do with the leadership and i am sure
that khalil and everyone who organized it are with me on that matter.
You are welcome to join us tomorrow at dunkin donuts Zalka 11am. We are
discussing the next move for the lebanese loco and starting some
projects. This was never a war against you, this was just a move to
reboot the loco and start doing something that's actually useful for
everyone of us. If you approve the meeting of tomorrow or not, is not my
problem, the meeting will be held and we will start the plans for the
next move and start some projects to support our move. We never cared
about changing leaders, our goal was to start some projects which will
be supported by the Ubuntu team. If you don't like the meeting we can do
nothing about it and please take all the measures you have to take,
which i don't understand what those measures will be! If working to do
something that's useful for the community will come with its price, then
i am willing to pay that price. Besides, a meeting like this was never
held with the lebanese loco and i think it is time to start working for
something good. And i would like to reply on your last email, you were
the one sleeping not me, i already said it before, i joined the loco few
months ago.

With all the respect i can give,
Elijah El Lazkani

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