Ubuntu-LB (no subject)

Elijah thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Fri May 29 14:27:48 BST 2009

I am sorry if i was understood wrongly, i never said the leader is not
important, but we have to right to hold a meeting as any of the members
of the team can ask for a meeting and that is what we did. Besides, me
personally with some other interested team members started meeting way
before the first email was sent and we had some stuff in mind to revive
the team but we did not want to start anything before we could show that
we were doing something at least or that we did something !
Secondly, i didn't mean to reflect the PS2 as the lebanese mentality BUT
after all he called us barbaric while we did not attack him personally
in any way we just asked for a chance from the first email and we were
respectful, so i thought i'd show him what having the "Lebanese
Mentality" from his opinion would be.

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