Ubuntu-LB Ubuntu-lb Digest, Vol 20, Issue 6

Majed Traboulsi mtraboulsi at gmail.com
Thu May 28 16:51:26 BST 2009

/* i like ur way commenting farah */

ok. chill ppl.
kill all those processes/threads.
even delete the records.

this is my second reply as far as i know to this mailing list.
The team was lurking quite and suddenly everyone booms, only to disagree
and dispute.

Let's meet, for once, say hi, chill, drink coffee /* alcohol would be
amazing*/ and just SHARE our thoughts. Isn't this wat open source is all
about ? SHARING?! and free beer !

relax. if we can make it Saturday, that's cool with me, but i really prefer
to make it in the after noon, like after 3, as i live in saida.

I love u all, although i know no one from u.
stay geeky and free.

Majed Traboulsi
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