Ubuntu-LB Team leadership

Ignace Mouzannar (-ghantoos-) ghantoos at ghantoos.org
Wed May 27 16:56:44 BST 2009

Hi Jocelyn,

Thank you for replying to the thread.

> Dear Ghantoos  or any nick name you would like ,

What nick did you see other than ghantoos?
To make things clear, Ignace is my real name, ghantoos my nickname.

> being offensive and aggressive is not ethical .

Please read my emails then read yours again. And if you still find my
emails offensive, I sincerely apologize.

> you want to help or be a leader (Lebanese Mentality)

Again read my last email. Here is a quote:
"Sadly, I do not live in Lebanon. so I do not consider myself a
potential leader."

> making and it happened too much while too much like to talk and take chairs
> , do you think team leader is a chair ?

Here is another quote:
"I think that a core team of 3 members should be elected to lead the
ULT (the size of this team can of course be discussed).
This way, we will not find ourselves in this same situation a couple
of months from now."

> -i dont know if you were on TV on Future News OR NTV or OTV making ubuntu
> more familiar for people ?
>      http://lebos.org/interviews/

Thank you for sharing the interview. I hadn't heard about it. It
actually is quite nice!
I just have a question: is the team really approved? In case this is
true, we should update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList (we appear
in the New Teams).
Please answer this question, as it was not in the list of "questions"
you have presented in your email.

> -Why you were sleeping all that time ?
> -Why you did not share with US ur Opinions

Sleeping at home, thank you. I joined the team in April, and I'm
sharing my opinion now. It took me 1 month and a half to share my

> Ubuntu Comunity Law  : Have A good Faith

You are complimenting yourself and only yourself about everything that
was done for the team!
Please don't give lessons about community.

> i call for a physical meeting i don't want Internet meetings Lebanon is
> small and we can see each others :D and if Ur not available in Lebanon this
> is another issue will specify the date later .

As I explained earlier, I do not live in Lebanon. But I'll be happy to
meet on IRC, or as you suggested (for a physical meeting) I'll be in
Lebanon in mid-august.

Ignace M -ghantoos-

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