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Jocelyn jhabib at gmail.com
Wed May 27 15:08:34 BST 2009

My Dear Freinds ,

Dear Ghantoos  or any nick name you would like ,
being offensive and aggressive is not ethical .

-i dont know if you were on TV on Future News OR NTV or OTV making ubuntu
more familiar for people ?


-i dont know if you were you that travelled to Algeria And Morroco to follow
UP the Ubuntu communities ?
-I dont know if you were the person that made the complete lay out of the
wiki ?
-i dont know if you were the initiator of the presentation of CNAM that
attended from over 100 People ,
-i dont know if you promoted the Ubuntu Comunity in SUN Microsystem Academy
in LAU , Balamand , BAU , in Tripoly , in ALgeria 3 Universities .
-i dont know if you were when we created the ubuntu-lb on facebook and your
tracking the events ????? we sent that to everybody
-i dont know if you were the person that making contact  with the Lebanese
army and the lebanese intelligence and the ISF and the ministry of education
to intagrate ubuntu  ?

-i dont know if you were the person that trying to get sponsors  to make
events and large billboards for ubuntu

-Why you were sleeping all that time ?
-Why you did not share with US ur Opinions

-why you dont work with us when dont you let me help you in my connections?

-did you make meetings with AUF ? for schools and universities yes i went to
algeria to meet them so we can integrate ubuntu in french lyce and schools .

-yeh when i called for help to get somebody track me nobody answered me .


you want to help or be a leader (Lebanese Mentality)

you think this ethical , please no bold holds unofficial meeting or
unofficial websites , i asked several times for helps in many things no body
answered , so you make sites for your self ? who is supporting you who is
listening who is , Ubuntu wont be like politics in Lebanon you make groups
and attack people is this what you want , this is a discrimination what ur
making and it happened too much while too much like to talk and take chairs
, do you think team leader is a chair ?

i call for a physical meeting i don't want Internet meetings Lebanon is
small and we can see each others :D and if Ur not available in Lebanon this
is another issue will specify the date later .

Thanks you for your kindless all you ve so supportive till now .
Ubuntu Comunity Law  : Have A good Faith

Jocelyn Habib

2009/5/25 Samer Nakfour <samer at nakfour.com>

> On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 2:20 AM, Ignace Mouzannar (-ghantoos-) <
> ghantoos at ghantoos.org> wrote:
> *I think the main role of the ULT should be to
>> promote Ubuntu in universities*
> Great idea. An ambassador program (à la Google) would fit perfectly [check
> this out for further details:
> http://www.google.com/support/jobs/bin/static.py?page=students.html&sid=ambassador
> ]
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