Ubuntu-LB Team leadership

Ignace Mouzannar (-ghantoos-) ghantoos at ghantoos.org
Mon May 25 00:20:45 BST 2009

> Usually in a such a "Coup", the person that's behind the Coup would be the
> one willing to take the leadership of the community, im addressing to Mr.
> Ignace asking him what is he willing to do if he wishes to become the
> leader, and what will differ him from Mr. Habib.

A coup is a "the sudden and unconstitutional deposition of a
legitimate government". I am not sure that's what's being done here.

As I wrote in my email, my purpose is to change the monotonous tone in
which the Ubuntu Lebanon Team (ULT) is currently evolving.

> reply or decided not to continue his role as a leader, then the people
> willing to take his place should present themselves and tell us what are
> their plans or thoughts...

The first thing to do is to get the team approved by Ubuntu, so that
it can officially represent Ubuntu in Lebanon.

Once this is done, I think the main role of the ULT should be to
promote Ubuntu in universities. All of us know people in different
universities in Lebanon, and it shouldn't be very hard to organize
small install/demo parties.

A lot of things can be done in Lebanon to promote Open Source, and
Ubuntu is an excellent start for that.

The second role of the team should be the support of the Lebanese
Ubuntu users. This can be achieved through several ways:
 - by being present on the team's IRC channel #ubuntu-lb on freenode
 - by filling up pages on the wiki
 - by answering and posting interesting information on the forum / mailing list

The members of the ULT need to know they can participate in something
useful. This is the only way this team will change.

Sadly, I do not live in Lebanon. so I do not consider myself a potential leader.

> Since nobody has time to do all activities because of work, location it is
> better that there be a per activity person in charge the one who is capable
> of being in charge of this activity.

I think that a core team of 3 members should be elected to lead the
ULT (the size of this team can of course be discussed).

Each one of those members would be responsible of one or more
activities of the team:
 - IRC
 - wiki
 - mailinglist
 - events
 - technical projects
 - etc.

When a person from the core team is not active anymore, we can vote to
suspend his admin rights. On the other hand, when a user starts to
show a lot of interest and motivation, we can vote to make him a core
team member.

This way, we will not find ourselves in this same situation a couple
of months from now.

I hope clarifies my intentions.

Ignace M

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