Ubuntu-LB Team leadership

Ignace Mouzannar (-ghantoos-) ghantoos at ghantoos.org
Sun May 24 19:01:28 BST 2009

Hi all,

This mail is addressed to all the active team members, and
specifically to the actual team leader (i.e. Jocelyn Habib).

We have had many discussions on the IRC channel of the team
(#ubuntu-lb on freenode) concerning the actual leadership of the team,
and many of us agree the team leadership can't stay as it is today.

Here are some questions that need to be answered.

First of all, is the actual team leader Jocelyn Habib still active? Or
is he still interested in managing the Ubuntu Lebanon Loco team?
It is my opinion that he is not interested anymore, but he may
disagree, in which case I would be glad to hear from him on that

Secondly, is it possible to vote to change the actual leader? I see
many team members who are much more implicated and dedicated into
building an active team of Lebanese ubuntuers, and I find it's a pity
they are slowed down by a nonexistent leadership.

Last but not least, the Ubuntu Lebanon Loco team has not been approved
yet. I find this last point quite important as is would make us
eligible for certain benefits such as marketing materials, discounts
or other possibilities. This would help the team to launch events in
universities to promote Ubuntu and Open Source.

To sum up, I am asking the actual team leader (i.e. Jocelyn Habib) to
step down from his current position and make this rather uncomfortable
situation easier for all of us.

Kind regards,
Ignace M -ghantoos-

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