Ubuntu-LB Reminder: Meeting, the 3rd of July

Elijah thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 16:18:05 BST 2009

Hello Fellow Ubunters,
I would like to remind you about the meeting that will be held the 3rd
of July. We would like as much people as possible to attend the meeting.
It is time for the Lebanese Team to stand on his feet and start doing
something useful for the community. The poll is held on
http://www.ubuntu-lb.com/ for the place where the meeting should be
held, the poll will be closed a couple days before the meeting and we
will email you again with all the information. The meeting is at 8PM,
but as i said before upon request we can delay it until 9PM but so far
no one complained so i assume everyone is okay with the 8PM timing.
You will hear from me again soon.

Contact Information: 03 261 315

Thank you,

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