Ubuntu-LB Team leadership

Bashir Saade bashir.saade at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 1 13:37:53 BST 2009

Hello all,

I am a newcomer to open source and ubuntu, and I don't know how you guys
organized but I'll tell you about my experience until now.

I was looking desperately for someone to make ubuntu properly installed
and updated on my computer, as I had my doubts Linux and all that. At
the time I still had windows on my computer. so i browsed the internet
and I ended up finding this group. I logged in to IRC thanks to someone
who answered my desperate emails (El jak) and found a couple of guys
that were always there and helped me a great deal, actually saved my
computer from crashing at several times, sent me useful links, helped
with the code with great patience, all that for the past three to four

Thanks to them I know much more about how linux is about and work than
before. These guys are ghantoos, compengi, eljak, and someothernick.

Some time ago I heard that there was a "leader" or someone supposedly
organizing things. Again I really don't know how things worked and how
you guys do 'advocacy work' if you do any, but for the simple person who
was perplexed about linux and hesitated, who went out there and looked
for help, these were the people who made a change, and I never heard of
any leader.

Actually up until the mention of this leader these were the only people
plugged in to the channel. After that there was a whole bunch of people
that came in. And debates and empty discussions stated raging through
the channel and through this mailing list.

So I really don't know if one needs a leader or if ubuntu should
preached on the rooftops, all i know is that in times of need these were
the people who helped.

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