Ubuntu-LB Team

Thy Armageddon thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 13:24:56 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

Heard a lot of talks, i really don't apreciate people who can't read
or get committed to something ! We are not attacking any team member
as we consider everyone a fellow. Second, i don't know what made this
debate go under the political perspective ! at least some team members
are working instead of posting stuff. Please if you are really sincere
about helping the team, setting aside the leadership debate we invite
you to a meeting THIS WEEK, on friday at 8PM. A Poll will be held to
see where would you like the meeting to be. And please if you don't
want to come don't vote, the website is http://www.ubuntu-lb.com/

Let's see how many ubuntuers are really willing to start working and
how many are just talking to talk. In the last meeting we saw how many
people of all the posters were really interested. I don't think most
of the team members can't waste an hour to meet and talk.

Further information will be emailed here. We'll see you at the meeting.

PS: The meeting will not debate the leadership subject, it will be
strictly about projects we already talked about, projects we already
started and other projects that might be started soon, we will take
ideas on how to promote furthermore Ubuntu in lebanon, how to get the
team approved and some other minor subjects. Please be prepared as
this is a team and all ideas will be discussed.

Thank you all, sincerly

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