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Jad Joubran jad_3 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 8 14:47:16 GMT 2009

Hello Gabriel
    Thanks for you interest :Dhere's the link of the past meetings.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LebanonTeam/Meetingsand here's the link for the Final Outline of the presentation:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LebanonTeam/Presentations     (it's Black_Phantom's suggestion.. the last one)we will discuss this in the meeting.. so hope to see you there :Dand you can join anytime the IRC channel... to talk more about this presentation:server: irc.freenode.netchannel: #ubuntu-lb
or just click here for a web IRC: http://ubuntu-lb.com/chat/

> Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 09:16:47 -0500
> From: gabriel.matni at polymtl.ca
> To: jad_3 at hotmail.com
> CC: ubuntu-lb at lists.ubuntu.com
> Subject: Re: Ubuntu-LB  IRC Meeting
> Hi Jad,
> I have been following the group's activities for a month now and I am not yet
> familiar with the topic of the presentation. Where can I find information about
> it?
> Furthermore, I am not quite familiar with our group's IRC meetings. Could you
> please provide some insight about that too?
> Thank you
> Gabriel
> Selon Jad Joubran <jad_3 at hotmail.com>:
> >
> > Hello all
> > It's been a while.We last talked about the presentation...and here we go
> > again (I'm sorry I was so busy this month)I call for an IRC meeting...Please
> > suggest your times...(I suggest this Thursday 10 Decembre at 8:00 P.M.
> > Lebanon time - GMT+2)The meeting's topic will be about enlarging the plan and
> > detailing it...& it will be the first step to start working on this
> > presentation.So please I would like to ask from the team: me - JosephMarc -
> > Eljak - JAD - Black_Phantomto be present in the meeting.And there should be a
> > moderator... we will vote 5 minutes before the meeting
> > forgot anything?Hope to see you all there.ThanksJad-J
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