Ubuntu-LB Building Our Beta Site

Dani Soufi danisoufi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 22:02:46 BST 2008

Dear Ubuntu-LB Members,
We are building Beta version of our website. Host environment and testing
domain are already settled. We are having blog and forum already running
quiet good and stable. Our friend 'Cedric Allam' had already skinned the
forum and wrote a nice quick webpage with our Lebanese flavor. We need more
contributors that could edit our website.
Still to be done:
- Skin blog to pass with the whole website.
- Give our main page more sense and graphic.
- Document our forum (set forum rules and anything that relates to default
forum documentation)

We would be glad if anyone would contribute to this project.

Main page: http://ubuntu-lb.selfip.org/
Forum: http://ubuntu-lb.selfip.org/forum/
Blog: http://ubuntu-lb.selfip.org/blog/

Don't hesitate to ask additional questions.

Best Regards,
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