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Subject: High priority translation tasks for the global jam
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Hallo translators

It is now almost time for the global jam and what better time to get a
lot of translation done. However, even at a jam, where we gather all
the volunteers, we often still cannot complete everything and it can
sometimes be difficult prioritize.

Therefore, a couple of the Ubuntu translation coordinators banged our
heads together to see if we could come up with a list of high priority
or new and interesting translation tasks.

We have gathered these below.

1) Finish up modules only missing a few strings:

One of the things that jams (where we might be gathered in the same
physical location) are really good for, is finishing a lot of small
tasks. Sitting right next to each other, cuts down the communications
burden of coordinating e.g. proofreading of lots of small tasks.

Therefore, one of the things that we recommend you use the jam for, is
to work on some of the modules that are missing less than say 20
string. You can see a list of the modules for your language, sorted by
untranslated strings on Davids status page:

2) Work on the default and/or high visibility programs:

Some modules are more important to get translated than others. Either
because they are the default programs for popular tasks or because
they are used for crucial tasks by many users at least once. Below we
have made a (not complete and unordered) list of such programs. These
are good candidates for programs to work on first:

 * Unity (including lenses)
 * Unity indicators (named indicator-...)
 * Software center
 * Rhythmbox
 * Empathy
 * Gwibber-...
 * Shotwell
 * Nautilus
 * Ubuntu One
 * Ubiquity (including the slideshow)
New items in the Gnome Control Center:
 * Deja-dup
 * Activity Log Manager

3) Localizing doc images (screenshots)

This is not necessarily a high priority target, but rather something
we would like to point out to you is now a possibility.

We now have a workable system for localizing the images (screen shots)
in the Ubuntu docs. You can view all the images that needs to be
translated for your language and the originals on this webpage:
After making the localized screenshots, you can easily get them
submitted to the archive by:

1. Replying to this thread saying that you want to localize images for
your language. David will then add you to the Ubuntu One share where
you can save your localized images.
2. Following the instructions to do the actual localization:
3. Ensuring your localized images are there before the
NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline on the 10th of April


We hope that this will give you a few ideas for stuff to get started on.
Happy translating :)

Regards the Ubuntu translations coordinators

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Aron Xu

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