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Noumaan Yaqoob y.noumaan at gmail.com
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Yes I am aware of Makki's translations and by we I meant me and Makki. but
as you would be aware that xubuntu uses a hell lot of other applications
aswell so in order to have a complete OS translated into Urdu we need to
translate those applications aswell. Also you can notice that Makki's
translations are a bit outdated so I am in the process of updating them by
merging old files with new templates.


On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Muhmmad Shakir <
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> AoA Noumaan
> You may know about the Urdu translation of XFCE by Muhammad Ali Makki. You
> can see here <http://www.urducoder.com/forum/index.php?topic=15.0> the
> details.
> Regards
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> Hello,
> recently we have developed a small team and decided to work on Xubuntu to
> localize it in Urdu language. By this message we seek assistance from fellow
> translators to help us identify the translation templates on launchpad that
> we need to translate in order to get a completely translated Urdu version
> after a default Xubuntu installation. Secondly, we need translators to join
> us so that we can get Jaunty translated as soon as we can. translators can
> contact me directly.
> We tried to figure out the translation templates but we can not understand
> which templates we should translate for Xubuntu. While at launchpad, I
> realized that it is difficult to search for translation packages inside a
> particular language group. One can search packages in Jaunty but not all
> packages there have translation templates we are just totally clueless.
> We would appreciate if some one can help us by either sending us the all
> pot files needed to be translated for Xubuntu in zip format or helping us
> maintain a list of translation templates that need to be translated. We have
> figured out a few of the translation templates and are working on them. But
> we want to translate it as completely as we possibly can.  So that we could
> later work on a remastered version of Xubuntu as the first complete Urdu
> Operating system, that is light weight, free, and has fantastic Urdu read
> write support.
> Noumaan
> http://ubuntu.sabza.org
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