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Muhmmad Shakir muhammadshakir2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 17:44:11 GMT 2007

It is good to cooperate but i think OOo is not localized for windows is it?
and i used its urdu interface very poor urdu translation requires a full revision i think and it should be made.
only writing english in urdu is not the solution. 
more Joomla is being localized on Urdu Mefil plz refer to the link.
Waqas Toor <waqasnasirtoor at gmail.com> wrote: On 2/20/07, Babar haq  wrote:
> > Open Office has already been localized into Urdu by Indian body CDAC
> > and is available internationally through Ubuntu distributions when
> > Urdu Support is enabled in Ubuntu. Duplication efforts will only
> > result in waste of energy and resources thus, more distros of Linux
> > should be localized including software like Firefox
> Thank for your email Waqas. As I requested before please refer to older
> email thread which was copied on ubuntu-l10n-urd at lists.ubuntu.com. The
> CDAC people are also on that email list and have requested us for help
> in certain areas of openoffice.

Oooo then my mistake ... i thought it was going to be start all over again ...
and yup ubuntu-l10n-urd at lists.ubuntu.com is all about a list for
people who are interested in localization not specifically urdu but
punjabi , pushto etc

> The whole purpose of these threads have been to avoid duplication of
> efforts and to make available a single platform for the localization
> efforts. Dr Sarmad is also leading efforts to localize other softwares
> like firefox and thunderbird.
yeah and i would suggest we should also localize Mambo , Drupal , joomla etc

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