[Ubuntu Urdu] OT: open Office in urdu

Babar haq bhaq at pseb.org.pk
Tue Feb 20 06:45:23 GMT 2007

> Open Office has already been localized into Urdu by Indian body CDAC
> and is available internationally through Ubuntu distributions when
> Urdu Support is enabled in Ubuntu. Duplication efforts will only
> result in waste of energy and resources thus, more distros of Linux
> should be localized including software like Firefox

Thank for your email Waqas. As I requested before please refer to older 
email thread which was copied on ubuntu-l10n-urd at lists.ubuntu.com. The 
CDAC people are also on that email list and have requested us for help 
in certain areas of openoffice.

The whole purpose of these threads have been to avoid duplication of 
efforts and to make available a single platform for the localization 
efforts. Dr Sarmad is also leading efforts to localize other softwares 
like firefox and thunderbird.


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