[Ubuntu Urdu] Ubuntu-Pakistan how to translate Ubuntu ... the 4 step guide :)

Muhammad Ijaz Khan aijazzz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:04:15 BST 2007

this is great!
Last time I went to website to do translating stuff I found out that I have
forgotten how to do it and so wasted some time and got back.
I havent read through your document yet but I hope it would at least help to
get rid of such problems that the dumb people like me find sometimes.

it would be better if we define the scope of this work more clearly and have
a deadline :)


On 4/11/07, Waqas Toor <waqasnasirtoor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Ubuntuers,
> i was wondering that how about a distribution that is fully supported in
> Urdu ?
> so i think now we have a chance ... after understanding ubuntu and the
> flexibility in the approach to translate it to our native language, i
> came up with a small guide about how to translate ubuntu.
> Now, for a start my guide will show you all the steps required to
> easily translate ubuntu's desktop and other application
> Its not a big guide just 8 pages :) so atleast give it a try :)
> will be waiting for comments and suggestions
> Regards
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