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Tirumurti Vasudevan agnihot3 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 11:53:19 BST 2006

some 33 years back on this oct 2nd....
i was a medical student in the prefinal year.
for the medical college it was a holiday of course, but we were expected to
attend the clinics in the hospital.
most students did not feel like it and took the day off.
some of us went to the hospital and the surgeon there was not too pleased to
see a thin crowd.
he asked, "why such a small turn out to-day?"
somebody mumbled, "Gandhi jayanti, sir!"
he coolly asked if gandhi said  "dont work" at any time.
for the next half an hour we had to listen to him berating the lazy people
who did not attend.
(not really justified, right? those who were present did attend. those who
were not present were not there to listen to him!)

since then on every oct 2nd i remember that incidence.
So i dedicate the translation file "debian- installer" that i finished today
to the person who would have been happy of the WORK

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