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Игорь Зубарев igor.zubarev на gmail.com
Чт Мар 29 05:11:25 UTC 2012


Направляю в рассылку для заинтересованных лиц)
Ответьте разработчику если в теме.


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From: Vector.us Translation <translate на vector.us>
Date: 2012/3/29
Subject: Translators Needed at Vector.us
To: igor.zubarev на gmail.com

Hi Igor Zubarev,

I saw you involved in Russian translations for sbackup at Launchpad so I
would like to ask if you could help me out in translating Vector.us.

Vector.us is a search engine for free vector graphics with probably the
most extensive database of free vector arts. I created a simple web-based
translation system similar to Launchpad's at http://vector.us/translate.
Currently around 160 translators are already on board.

If you would like to contribute, please reply to this message and I will
create a translator account for you. Or just ignore it and you wont receive
any messages from us.

Every translator will get a link from Vector.us at
http://vector.us/translate/contributors. We will appreciate your efforts to
make this site more native to all people around the world!


Vector.us Team
info на vector.us
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