team membership

Nick Shaforostoff shafff на
Чт Окт 5 16:08:06 BST 2006

"The way we first designed Rosetta, it had no distinction between people  
who wanted to suggest translations for a language, and experienced  
translators for a project. This led to large teams of translators with  
highly varied skill levels. We have since fixed this.

In general, Ubuntu team leaders should try to keep their teams under  
control, granting membership only to those translators who have proven  
capable of doing correct translations. A team member should be equivalent  
to someone you would trust with CVS/SVN account in GNOME's or KDE's source  
code repositories; others are still able to post suggestions even if they  
are not members of the team in launchpad."

"В команду принимаются люди, которые имеют карму больше 50!
С нулевой кармой просьба не проситься в команду!"

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