[Ubuntu-l10n-ptbr] [Bug 671376] Re: Portuguese translation hides "AbiWord" from launcher menu item

Lionel Le Folgoc lionel em lefolgoc.net
Sexta Novembro 5 14:41:11 GMT 2010

It's in universe, launchpad translators can't really fix it. It should
be forwarded upstream instead...

Portuguese translation hides "AbiWord" from launcher menu item
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Launchpad
Brazilian Translators, which is a bug assignee.

Status in “abiword” package in Ubuntu: New

Bug description:
abiword 2.8.6-0ubuntu1, Ubuntu 10.10

1. Install AbiWord.
2. Switch the interface language to Brazilian Portuguese, log out, and log in.
3. Try to find "AbiWord" in the Applications menu, or in Gnome Do, or in the Unity Applications place, or whatever.

What happens: There's nothing by that name. AbiWord has been renamed to the generic "Processador de Texto".
What should happen: The launcher name should still include the word "AbiWord".

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