Status of the Ubuntu Docs in Natty+Oneiric

Matthew East mdke op
Zo Jul 10 12:16:57 UTC 2011

On 10 July 2011 10:29, Hannie <lafeber-dumoleyn2 op> wrote:
> Op 09-07-11 12:16, Matthew East schreef:
> For now it is worth translating gnome-user-docs (natty) because updates will
> be shipped to this
> package.
> I am still not convinced this is the case. I have translated 1000 (!)
> strings of the gnome-user-docs in Launchpad, and I get updates regularly, bu
> so far I do not see one word in Dutch when I press F1. For the translation
> of a document as large as this one it is absolutely essential that it is
> worth the effort. It would be very sad if all this work appears to be
> useless.

We can't export the translations regularly as the technology isn't
suitable for that. We can only do occasional exports. The next
language pack update is due on 21 July 2011. I will try to get the
updates included in that update.

Matthew East
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