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Hallo Keimpe,
Hier zie je dat er echt iets gedaan wordt met je suggesties.

Hi, Hannie.

2010/11/18 Hannie<lafeber-dumoleyn2 op>:
>  There is one suggestion I have to look into: the translation of the
>  creativecommons license. This is already translated on the following
>  webpage:
>  Vertaling Creative Commons licentie:
>  I wonder if we should leave the English text out and just put this link on
>  page 149 instead.
>  What do you think?

Unfortunately, we're not allowed to translate the license ourselves.
We contacted the Creative Commons lawyers a while back (see
<>) and they
said that we should include the unported  English license text (since
the manual may be downloaded/read/used around the world).  However, we
have been allowing translated manuals to include a paragraph or two
before the license text that explains the license and points to the
(ported) translated license on the CC website.  (You can look at the
Greek and German translations to see what they did.)

As you can see from the email I linked to above, we were hoping that
the Creative Commons folks would either provide us with translated
licenses or allow us to translate them ourselves, but I don't think
we've heard anything back since then.  We should poke them about it
again and see if they've made any progress or if there's any way we
can help.


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