[l10n-kur] Wergera "removable media"

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Hi, Every body,
It's all right. To make a decision is always better to discuss a long time  about a question. 

Unfortunately, I can not actively  participate on the translation process of linux Ubuntu. One of the reason is that I don't have a strong kurdish background. I have only passive kurdish knowlage. My communication with the kurdish is to  read with a great passion the kurdish articles from Yeni Ozgür Plitika. But with the writing i don't have enough experience. 

I recommend to our friends who  participate actively  on   ubuntu translation  as the next  project : 

XAMPP(Linux Apache MySQL PHP PERL ) and JOOMLA (CMS-Content Management System).

 All of them are the open source products and they are conbined and configurated as whole packet. It is a wonderful  packet for creating database-based dynamic web sites. 

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Subject: Re: [l10n-kur] Wergera "removable media"


Her bijî Can Xelo 


Xweştirîn peyv bi rastî jî "guhêzbar" e. Reşo ZÎLAN û Mehmûd LEWENDÎ jî guhêzbar dibejin...


Spas û serkeftin

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