[Tradutores-Ubuntu] Suggestion: Faster lanugage pack update after final release

Fran Dieguez listas at mabishu.com
Wed Aug 25 22:07:19 BST 2010

Hi all,

>  how many releases, in terms of stable and LTS sould we be
> doing updates?
> Right now stable updates (in the PPA) are running for Karmic and Lucid,
> which are basically the stable + old stable releases.
> Do you think this is enough?
I think is enough. Stable and old stable release are the most used
versions of Ubuntu and not for all translators groups is easy to
maintain more than 2 versions.

> > * How often do we want to update each release (current stable, old,
> > LTSs)?
> > Normal release: 2 weeks, 2 motnhs, 8 months after stable release
> > LTS release: 2 weeks after release and after that in time for every
> > point release
> > 
> Sounds good to me, although perhaps for LTS we would want to have more
> updates during the first 6 months?

I agree with David, the first 6 months of every release are critical for
finding bugs into translations. So I think every 2 months between the
2nd and 8th month should be a translations update

> Any other translators have got other suggestions?
> > * How many teams would be testing the updates?
> > Slovenian team continiously tests the updates. A couple of translators
> > uses - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-langpack/+archive/ppa/ and hence
> > always uses the newset translations, so they test the strings in
> > programs they commonly use. Testing of other programs depends on team
> > members' available time / motivation, which can vary.
> > 
> That's good to know, we should probably better announce the existence of
> the PPA, as it seems not many people are aware of it.

We must do it. This PPA should be used by all the people working at
translations. But, indeed, this PPA should have the testing release
(currently Maverick) too. A lot of people working at translations
install the testing release cause is the best way to find bugs before
the beta/alfa/final release comes, and we need to update translation
packages faster than "normal" users.

> > * Where could we host a public calendar for the updates?

> Yes, I believe we could create a language pack release schedule along
> the lines of the main Ubuntu Release schedule, but it would also be
> useful to provide an iCal feed for people wanted to subscribe. I just
> need the time to find out more about calendar feeds :)
Please, this is something I always I'm looking for!

Today I sent an email to the galician team with a proposed procedure for
handle bugs faster using our mail list and some scripts I wrote some
time ago. Here you can read the message (I can't find a way to paste the
url into Google translate so please translate it copying the text in
Google translate Galician->English):


Thanks for the good work.

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