[UPT] What's going on Launchpad Team

Behnam Esfahbod behnam at zwnj.org
Sat Sep 30 22:20:12 BST 2006

Hi all,

Let me explain what happened.

The ubuntu-l10n-fa is the official team for Persian translation of
Ubuntu distros, so every member of this team can translate, or approve
other's translations officially, to get them on released packages.

I asked one of the Launchpad admins how to manage the team
(unfortunately they doesn't have documentation for localization teams
yet) and he suggested me to "Deactivated" all members, and approve the
qualified translators.

To get qualified, you should select a package, and translate it or
review current translation.  That's the only way to qualify
translators for now.

I added links to Gnome and Mozilla Persian translations on the wiki
page.  Please check them to make the translation consistent. (and
please generate a glossary, if you can, and put on the wiki page)

Note that a lot of current translations (i'm going to mark them as
suggestion) use Arabic Yeh and Key, instead of Persian ones.  So
please don't copy/paste old suggestions, and retype them when doing
the review.  Because of this, we have to mark all the current
translation as suggestion, (I hope we get it for next couple of days)
and that's another reason to make suggestions for now, not

And PLEASE help on documentation on the wiki page.  If you don't want
to make direct changes, please sdd your questions, suggestions, and/or
opinions on the bottom of the page, then someone will fix/reply it.

Thanks in advance,

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> what's going on? :-|

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