[UPT] What's going on Launchpad Team

Behnam Esfahbod behnam at zwnj.org
Fri Sep 22 20:19:17 BST 2006


As a request from "kiko" on the launchpad IRC channel, I set all
members of the team as "Deactive".  Seems there's no documentation for
translation teams yet, so I'm going to write their rules on our wiki
page [1], in a few days, and then we can "Approve" members by the

Please feel free to make the page [1] better, and please add your
opinions on the bottom of the page.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PersianTranslationTeam

I'm going to reply to the previous thread tonight or tomorrow.  So please wait.

Thanks in advance,
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    '     Behnam Esfahbod
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