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hadi farnoud hadi.farnoud at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 18:36:36 BST 2006

thanks for your reply but we are persian and this is Ubuntu persian Project
, so lets talk persian ;)

On 9/21/06, Behnam Esfahbod <behnam at zwnj.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> 1. I've been a member of the FarsiWeb project for 4 years, and a
> developer of Sharif Linux, but it's not a reason to consider this
> project under the rules of Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.
> 2. I started managing Ubuntu Persian Translation, because I like
> Ubuntu and use it on my laptop, as it's Simple and Powerful.
> 3. We have discussed for more than 4 years about Persian Translation
> issues on Persian Computing and FarsiWeb mailing lists, which are
> (unfortunately) down nowadays.  You can find the archives on the web.
> 4. I had contributed translation to the Gnome and OpenOffice.org
> projects, and some other FarsiWeb people are coordinators of the Gnome
> and OO.o Persian Translation teams.  So I like to see more feedback
> from Launchpad/Ubuntu to the Gnome and OO.o projects.  So please [7].
> 5. I'm the coordinator of Mozilla Persian Translation team, and I need
> your help.  Among our work on Mozilla (since more than 5 years ago), I
> did a lot of work for the last couple of months to get Firefox 2.0
> available in Persian, and it's not complete yet.  So please [7]
> 6. Fortunately, ubuntu-ir, the Ubuntu Local Team for Iranian Users
> have been set up, and the website <http://ubuntu-ir.org/> will be up
> soon.  Also it has a mailing list too:
> <https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ir>.  Please help
> the Iranian Local Team to attract end-users, set up local events, etc.
> I'm on the list, and will help as far as I can.
> 7. WE NEED YOU!  If you go around and blame FarsiWeb on what did in
> the past 6 years, you won't get anything more.  Please help FOSS to
> get better Persian support.  You're free to choose how you want to
> help.  You can use Sharif Linux, if you like, and try to make it
> better.  You can try Ubuntu, and make it better too.  But all you do
> should be of such quality to go upstream;  only then you
> have really helped.
> (Most of the time, I test and patch Mozilla/Firefox on my Ubuntu box,
> but you will get a lot of Persian-related bugs fixed on the next
> Sharif Linux.  This is how FOSS works.)
> 8. When I saw the amount of work on Persian translation of Ubuntu on
> the Launchpad, I wondered why not managing it, and make them real
> works.  So I started to register this team; and with your help, we can
> do it.
> 9. But let me remind you some requirements of helping on a FOSS
> Translation project.  You need to read a lot of sources before you
> start.
> 10. You should read Persian Academy Guideline
> <http://www.persianacademy.net/fa/dastourkhat.aspx> first of all. I'm
> not sure if the online version is the final one.  Anybody knows?  Also
> the online version has encoding problems; uses Arabic Yeh, etc. You can
> buy the printed version from their bookstore on 3rd avenue, Bokharest
> St.
> 11. And a lot of discussions on the web, mailing lists, bugzilla's,
> etc.
> 12. Study the current translations.  For example if you want to
> contribute translations to the Gnome project, you should look at what
> we have now, and make a word list if you like.  I'm not sure how long
> it takes for FarsiWeb to clean up its glossary and publish it.  So
> don't wait, and make yours based on the current content that you can
> find on the projects main servers.
> 13. Then you start to contribute.  You can started by reviewing others
> translation, to learn, and to improve quality of their translation.
> It's the best way.  You can ask question on this list, and on the
> general IRC channel for Persian Translation
> <irc://irc.freenode.net/#persian>.
> 14. Thanks for your patient.  I'm waiting for your comments and add-ons.
> 15. I talked to Mehdi Hassanpour, and we decided to start writing
> the general information, guidelines, and requirements on
> <http://wiki.ubuntu.org/PersianTranslationTeam> and then decide how to
> divide to conquer.
> 16. Thanks all for your previous mails and suggestions, and excuse me
> for the delay.
> 17. Please note that we are ONLY a translation team.  Many of
> interested people in Persian translation projects don't live in Iran,
> or don't have enough spare time to attend local meetings, help
> end-users, etc.  Please just focus on translation issues in this list,
> but feel free to to send important announcements of Iranian events and
> issues here every once in a while.
> Regards,
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hadi farnoud.
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