[UPT] What we have, What we are going to do...

Behnam Esfahbod behnam at zwnj.org
Thu Sep 21 17:58:23 BST 2006

Hi all,

1. I've been a member of the FarsiWeb project for 4 years, and a
developer of Sharif Linux, but it's not a reason to consider this
project under the rules of Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.

2. I started managing Ubuntu Persian Translation, because I like
Ubuntu and use it on my laptop, as it's Simple and Powerful.

3. We have discussed for more than 4 years about Persian Translation
issues on Persian Computing and FarsiWeb mailing lists, which are
(unfortunately) down nowadays.  You can find the archives on the web.

4. I had contributed translation to the Gnome and OpenOffice.org
projects, and some other FarsiWeb people are coordinators of the Gnome
and OO.o Persian Translation teams.  So I like to see more feedback
from Launchpad/Ubuntu to the Gnome and OO.o projects.  So please [7].

5. I'm the coordinator of Mozilla Persian Translation team, and I need
your help.  Among our work on Mozilla (since more than 5 years ago), I
did a lot of work for the last couple of months to get Firefox 2.0
available in Persian, and it's not complete yet.  So please [7]

6. Fortunately, ubuntu-ir, the Ubuntu Local Team for Iranian Users
have been set up, and the website <http://ubuntu-ir.org/> will be up
soon.  Also it has a mailing list too:
<https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ir>.  Please help
the Iranian Local Team to attract end-users, set up local events, etc.
 I'm on the list, and will help as far as I can.

7. WE NEED YOU!  If you go around and blame FarsiWeb on what did in
the past 6 years, you won't get anything more.  Please help FOSS to
get better Persian support.  You're free to choose how you want to
help.  You can use Sharif Linux, if you like, and try to make it
better.  You can try Ubuntu, and make it better too.  But all you do
should be of such quality to go upstream;  only then you
have really helped.

(Most of the time, I test and patch Mozilla/Firefox on my Ubuntu box,
but you will get a lot of Persian-related bugs fixed on the next
Sharif Linux.  This is how FOSS works.)

8. When I saw the amount of work on Persian translation of Ubuntu on
the Launchpad, I wondered why not managing it, and make them real
works.  So I started to register this team; and with your help, we can
do it.

9. But let me remind you some requirements of helping on a FOSS
Translation project.  You need to read a lot of sources before you

10. You should read Persian Academy Guideline
<http://www.persianacademy.net/fa/dastourkhat.aspx> first of all. I'm
not sure if the online version is the final one.  Anybody knows?  Also
the online version has encoding problems; uses Arabic Yeh, etc. You can
buy the printed version from their bookstore on 3rd avenue, Bokharest

11. And a lot of discussions on the web, mailing lists, bugzilla's,

12. Study the current translations.  For example if you want to
contribute translations to the Gnome project, you should look at what
we have now, and make a word list if you like.  I'm not sure how long
it takes for FarsiWeb to clean up its glossary and publish it.  So
don't wait, and make yours based on the current content that you can
find on the projects main servers.

13. Then you start to contribute.  You can started by reviewing others
translation, to learn, and to improve quality of their translation.
It's the best way.  You can ask question on this list, and on the
general IRC channel for Persian Translation

14. Thanks for your patient.  I'm waiting for your comments and add-ons.

15. I talked to Mehdi Hassanpour, and we decided to start writing
the general information, guidelines, and requirements on
<http://wiki.ubuntu.org/PersianTranslationTeam> and then decide how to
divide to conquer.

16. Thanks all for your previous mails and suggestions, and excuse me
for the delay.

17. Please note that we are ONLY a translation team.  Many of
interested people in Persian translation projects don't live in Iran,
or don't have enough spare time to attend local meetings, help
end-users, etc.  Please just focus on translation issues in this list,
but feel free to to send important announcements of Iranian events and
issues here every once in a while.

   '     بهنام اسفهبد
   '     Behnam Esfahbod
 *  ..   http://behnam.esfahbod.info
 *  `  *
 * o *   http://zwnj.org

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