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Kia Teymourian kiat at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Sep 20 10:29:25 BST 2006

Dear people,

I think it could be very better, if you could write your emails in 
English or well-formatted Persian.
I am a new member to the Ubuntu Team, I am leaving in Berlin / Germany 
and It is my pleasure to spend my free time on 
such projects.
I don't know about this team or about this project. Could you please 
give more details!
It could be useful for me to know about the translation tasks, 
ToDo-Lists and the road map of this project.

Many thanks!

Kindest regards,

Kia Teymourian

hadi farnoud schrieb:
> bayad bebinim nazare baghie chie,be nazaram ye domain behtar bashe ;)
> On 9/20/06, *.:: Mehdi Bayazee ::.* <bayazee at gmail.com 
> <mailto:bayazee at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     salam
>     man moafeg hastam !
>     forum ehtemalan behtar hast ! mataleb tabagebandi shode va
>     monazzamtare !
>     man mitonam to rahandazeye forum komak konam ! hame karesh ba man !
>     age khastid mitonam ye subdomain to www.tux-world.com
>     <http://www.tux-world.com> ke ye site
>     linuxi farsi hast drost konam ya hatta agar dostan alagemand bodan ye
>     domain mitonim vase en kar ekhtesas bedim !
>     ama be nazaram felan subdomain bashe behtare !
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> hadi farnoud.
> http://hadi.rulex.net 

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