[UPT] keep it original

hadi farnoud hadi.farnoud at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 19:50:00 BST 2006

please use "*Zero-width non-joiner*" in needed words like "به روز رسانی" it
must be " به روزرسانی ".
please do not use space or dot or anything else as you like,only translate
words! keep it original ;) (Mr bayazee you used space before any `!` :
Nothing to Update, Good Bye! translated:
چیزی برای به روز رسانی موجود نمی باشد ، خداحافظ !   space before ` ، ` and
` ! ` which is not in original string
and i saw many others used . instead of , and so on .... )

hadi farnoud.
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