[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] [Bug 406626] Re: Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named

Kazade kazade at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 12:15:00 GMT 2010

I think that search is flawed. "Trash" is very rarely used in spoken UK
English when referring to "Rubbish", the only time I can think of the
word "trash" being used is reference to something like a TV show, or
book e.g. "That book was trash" but even that itself is a rarity because
I believe quite an old fashioned usage of the term.

You'll note that in that "rubbish" as a term occurs 2257 times, and
"bin" 682. These are separate words normally spoken and written without
hyphenation, which would explain why the hyphenated version only occurs

Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named
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