[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] [Bug 406626] Re: Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localization

Vish vishubuntu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 15:11:25 BST 2010

We have the Doc team verdict! Can the Translations team get this fixed
for Maverick ?

** Description changed:

  The deleted items folder is inconsistently named and is referred to as
  both Wastebasket and Deleted items, Ubuntu offers to 'Empty Deleted
  Items' but the window is headed Wastebasket. The URL to deleted items is
  also trash:/// in nautilus but this is possibly a seperate issue. An
  effect of this can be seen in #115661 also.
  This could confuse new users and it should be a simple enough fix simply
  changing strings, so I believe it is a papercut.
- Quoting MPT , see comment #15 for more details:
- "trash" is, in UK English, far and away more common than "rubbish bin", "wastebin", or "wastebasket".
+ from the Doc Team: the recommended term is now "Rubbish Bin"!
- (The accuracy of this statement is questioned, see comment #28 onwards and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EnglishTranslation/WordSubstitution given in comment #8.)

** Changed in: hundredpapercuts
       Status: Opinion => Triaged

Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localization
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