[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] [Bug 203349] Re: Broken plural forms in KDE

Flames_in_Paradise ellisistfroh at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 13 15:24:37 GMT 2008

thanks for the fast reply !
as stated before the error recurred with the last three updates on the language packs.

Today was installed:

Richte language-pack-de ein (1:8.04+20081103) ...
Richte language-pack-en ein (1:8.04+20081103) ...
Richte language-pack-kde-de ein (1:8.04+20081103) ...
Richte language-pack-kde-en ein (1:8.04+20081103) ... dpkg run finished

And there was this error again, this is why I am slightly upset...
Tested and still there.
There is a thread on the forum ubuntuuseres.de:
Firstly opened since 29-02-2008

This is were I found the link to the temporarely workaround.
Today I reopened the thread there as unsolved, since it was not really solved with a workaround.
I would not have reporteted this bug, if it wouldn't have appeared the fourth time in a row
with the update of the language packs. It's an ongoing error.
I'm a patient person - but today I was fed. Got myself a login-ID-that much fed.
With the visual effect on a standard user, I would justify this error as serious.
The more hence it seems to be very tiny coding work.
Excuses for inconveniences coming up with this old crap again.
Hope this help to make Kubuntu better everyday.
Especially as I will stay with the LTS-Version.
Thanks again for fast reply.
Best regards ROLAND

Broken plural forms in KDE
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