[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] [Bug 203349] Re: Broken plural forms in KDE

toer tore.ericsson at telia.com
Sat Apr 26 17:48:33 BST 2008

My Dolphin within (K)Ubuntu 7.10 , gutsy, displaying in the Swedish language, issues
the annoying line at each window refresh (even F5). I updated the last sections to
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr ",Launchpad Contributions:,Daniel Nylander"

msgid ""
"_n: 1 File selected (%1)\n"
"%n Files selected (%1)"
msgstr ""
"1 fil markerad (%1)\n"
"%n filer markerade (%1)"

msgid ""
"_n: 1 Folder selected\n"
"%n Folders selected"
msgstr ""
"1 mapp markerad\n"
"%n mappar markerade"

msgid ""
"_n: 1 Item\n"
"%n Items"
msgstr ""
"1 objekt\n"
"%n objekt"

But (at least) this status message is untranslated (no error message
though), example:

"23 Objects (3 Folders, 20 Files)" is translated into "23 objekt (3
Folders, 20 Files) ", that is, the expression within brackets is not
translated. By the way, shouldn't the term "Directory" be preferred
before "Folder"? In such a case, the Swedish corresponding word to be
used is "katalog", pl. "kataloger".

Broken plural forms in KDE
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