[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] Gaim/Pidgin's buddy

Matthew Smith smigifer+ubuntu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 16:53:27 BST 2007


On 01/06/07, Dan Bishop <dan at viciouslime.co.uk> wrote:
> I think contact is the best option, I don't really think it is important
> to add a "friendly feel" to it.
But this isn't a decision for us to make. The Pidgin developers have
decided that the language used in the software should have a friendly
feel; we're just translating it: if you want a more
professional-sounding im program, either persuade upstream to change
the words they use, or find an im program that uses the language you
want. Translators should *try and preserve the original meaning as far
as they can*, and English translation is no exception!

> I also think that differentiating
> between a contact and a "meta-contact" (i.e. when one person has
> numerous accounts and you tell gaim/kopete/any other IM client that all
> those accounts are actually the same person, or where you add
> addresss/other details to them) is a bad idea. It adds confusion where
> there needn't be any. A "meta-contact" is still just a contact, you've
> just added more information about them than a regular contact.
This is an ok idea, but it *has* to be done upstream, because
otherwise you'll end up with confused developers and users when people
using ubuntu packages go into #pidgin (for example) for help, and the
term 'contact' is used differently in the ubuntu version..

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