[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] Divergences between ubuntu-l10n and gnome-i18n regarding en_GB

Matthew Walton matthew at alledora.co.uk
Thu Sep 14 09:17:56 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 08:12 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
> I completely agree with this and was going to propose this before I saw
> Bastien's mail, damn you Bastien for beating me to it :P
> In every day to day life, I use "bin":
> 	- Where's the bin
> 	- Throw it in the bin
> 	- Do you have a bin liner?
> 	- Can you empty the bins?
> 	- Where did you put the wheelie bin?
> And so on.
> If I am feeling upper class, I might occasionally use Dustbin :)

I'm liking 'bin' also, but I'm sensitive of two things here

1) Ubuntu have already had their own discussion and decided on Deleted
Items. Which we all seem to think is wrong. Hmm.

2) What do other translations use? This may or may not be useful of
course. Since the only other language I speak any of is German, I stuck
my head into Nautilus' de.po and had a look around. They translate Trash
as Müll, which is a pretty direct translation and was always translated
in my German lessons at school as 'rubbish', so it has all those
connotations of dirtiness to it like Trash and Rubbish both have.

Oh and we can't use anything with Garbage in it, that's a very strongly
American word.

I'm liking Bin. The only slight snag might be if newbies using en_GB go
poking and think it has something to do with /usr/bin - could that be
something that needs to be considered?
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