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Sat Nov 1 22:44:58 GMT 2008

Selam Tsega

Ubuntu has an easy translation interface. But one problem is the
translations that are done at ubuntu do not pass over since there is no
coordination between up stream and amharic Ubuntu translation. For example
if you translate gnome or xfce in ubuntu that will remain in ubuntu instead
of going to the developers side. Therefore my suggestion is to get engaged
upstream than in ubuntu. That way your translation will be used not only in
ubuntu but across all distributions. The down side is you Will not see your
translation in ubuntu immediately. Of course once you are done upstream you
can import them your self in to ubuntu.

Choose the program you want to work on. If you do not have any preferences I
would like to suggest you work on debian installer or xfce. I was working on
it and due to time constraint it has fallen back a bit. If so let me know.

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> Dear all,
> I am hoping to get some assistance in contributing to the translation team.
> I am very much into Opensouce and Linux especiallyUbuntu and I really want
> to help with the translation. Actually I registered for it, I think over a
> year ago but I haven't done anything yet. So I need you help at least with
> getting started. Thanks for reading this.
> Sincerely,
> Tsega
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