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tegegne tefera tefera.tegegne at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 08:09:30 BST 2007

Thinks Daniel and it's good to hear from you.
I just sent the xfce files and from my experience it will take few days
before they commit it.
The debian installer at ubuntu is not translated yet. I was thinking to
finish translating upstream at  debian and update the one at ubuntu.  I will
not be able to commit the one I translated but I will upload it some where
with xfce files so you can try to combine them.

I hope you will succeed with the uck. I tried at home a couple of times the
previous version but it crushed the system for some reason. Where I am now I
have no possibility. At least if we can manage to build a simple but usable
system we have a foot hold and people would start using and experimenting
and translating with it. As things stand now it is too scattered for people
to bother. I am planning to install it on all my friends systems double
booting with windows:-)

I believe we have all the necessary components translated (except scim). But
that is ok.

I am also hopping to have some fonts (the Abyssinicasil, and washera fonts)
included in to the system. Abas Alamineh has been gracious enough to allow
us to include the fonts with any distribution. I am not sure if they are
GPLed but he indicated to me that he has released them as free and we can
use them in any way we want.

My wish list would be

scim with KMFL

I choose xfce for it's lightness. I belive adding epiphany is going to add
gtk but since there is no browser in xfce we just have to live with it.

good luck

On 7/21/07, Daniel Yacob <locales at geez.org> wrote:
> Tegegne,
> Congrats on getting XFCE translated and thanks for pointing out UCK. It
> looks
> strait forward, I'll give it a try.  The 5Gb of free space needed is a
> little
> problem but hopefully can be resolved with an external drive.
> cheers,
> Daniel
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