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Wed Sep 20 01:03:28 BST 2006

Selam all

It has been some time since i communicated about the project. የእንጀራ ነገር፡፡
While i was cruising in the highway I came across this tool.

With this script we can build an Amharic ubuntu live CD. (well i tried
and failed for now) An Amharic live CD would really help us to catch
attention. Simple and effective. It would also help us focus our job.

While i was browsing the debian installer which is the first thing a
live CD user encounters i sow that shewan has started translating the
welcome message. Great job. The translatable files are at
If we can call a debo and translate this tools it would be great.
Shewan Do you think you can also look at the scripts and see if you
can build the live CD.

The other thing is to enable scim with kmfl and the Amharic EZ+ or
Ez+i as a default IM in the live cd. I hope Daniel will have time to
look in to this.

It would be nice to know how the localization effort at home front
coming along. In Ethiopia it was school holiday season so i do not
expect much. But at least the glossary at AAU available all
the time. Though it still lacks a search tool.

I have seen few FOSS initiatives in the country. is one of them.  I enquired if they can get
involved on the project and they ignored me:-). Now I see that the
message I put on the forum is also deleted.;-). Well you can not win
them all.
On the other hand there has been some interest at Ethiopian Students
Association international ESAi and we might use this organization to
get help from Ethiopian students abroad.

To organize the translation work better there has been a heated
discussion at ubuntu and it is promised some improvement to Rosetta. I
hope they will implement it as soon as possible.

The holiday season is over and I hope all of us can dedicate our
effort to producing one Amharic ubuntu livecd for the Ethiopian

መልካም አዲስ ዓመት ለሁላችንም

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