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Fri Nov 24 10:46:16 GMT 2006

Hi Daniel

In short I can make some offline
> updates to the gnome repository with the materials from the translation
> site. Can you send me a zip or tar file of all the PO files that
> should go into gnome?
I have attached a zip file of some of the po files. But there are many
other files scattered around that others have been working on. I think
most of them are here.
This raises a question of the ability to smoothly manage the files up
and down streams. We have been asking for some kind of quality control
(better management of files eg. prioritizing) at rosetta for some time
now, but the response has not been very encouraging.
That is why though we can still use rosetta (better than nothing) we
need to setup some kind of repository for the important files for our
projects. we can update this repository as often as possible and work
on it, and update the source as well.
All other teams work that way. In addition we can use pootle to
facilitate the on line translation which allow as a better control of
the translations.
Speaking of control and quality, I think it is very important to have
a process where we can do a peer review of translations. I have been
going through translations made previously the po files and and there are many that are incomplete or
out-of-context. This is expected since many of us when we start do not
have a lot of knowledge about computers and as we translate more and
more we understand better the context of terms and strings. But even
when we understand some times some one can come up with better term.
Therefore if we have a sort of review process it would be melkam.

> Exactly one week ago today I was in a room hearing a presentation by
> Nicholas Negroponte about the One Laptop per Child program, they even
> passed around a laptop, it was fascinating. I'll post some news on that
> also on friday or the weekend.
That is awesome. Is there any initiative to implement OLPC in
Ethiopia? Speaking of Ethiopia i am very much disappointed by the
reports of It seems the idea of foss is lost
on them. My request for them to get involved in the localization
effort has been ignored and the message on the forum has been deleted
too. On it's annual report it completely ignored localization and
speak only of meetings and visits, a sign of an Ethiopian scam NGOs
that is setup to collect funds with absolutely no intention of
bringing results. I was contacted by few foss advocates who showed
interest on Ethiopia and i have given them my honest opinion and will
continue to do so.

We have completed and presented a usable search engine (google) to the
people of Ethiopia. We should be proud of it. Now it is time to
produce a usable Amharic live/installable cd for year 2000. All the
tools are there it needs only the effort of few dedicated individuals.
90000 strings are nothing.

Melkam sira

> /Daniel
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