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Sat Jul 29 06:53:00 BST 2006

Selam Daniel

I was not aware that the same .kmn file for keyman could be used in
KMFL. At last i have installed Amharic Unicode EZ on KMFL and now it
is working partially. In English locals it works perfectly. But still
have problem on Amharic environment.
For example in firefox as well as in epiphany the input method menu
(right mouse click) does not come up. in addition though SCIM is
initiated it virtually sits dead when you try to write on web pages. I
can not live without my gmail.

The input context menu disappearance probably is a firefox bug. But
one can workaround that by choosing the "Use the same input method in
all applications" in SCIM and using control + shift to change between
keyboards, so we do not have to deal with the context menu. But that
is not possible in amharic locals.

I could not find a .kml file any where on the Internet for Amharic.
only the package that contains .kmx files. and those do not install on
KMFL. I had to search my external hard disk that i dump every thing to
get a copy i downloaded years ago. So if it is possible to provide
that at keyman site like the keyman packages would be helpful.

It is the Amharic table that comes with SCIM which i had problem with
Do you think it is possible to twink it so it can act like Amharic
Unicode EZ? It would save a lot of hassle. installing KMFL is not the
easiest thing for some one who comes to the Linux world from windows.

On the other note i wonder if you know about shipit You do not need to send CDs to Ethiopia
ubuntu can send it free of charge to any one who requested it. just
provide them with the address. I have received my original dapper cd
with nice stickers for free.

I am sure you have seen my post to the AAU glossary team. It might not
be a good idea but i decided to be a pain on the (where ever they
choose) so that they could do some thing about producing a standard
glossary. Some of the translations are not bad. others seem to be
translated by some one who has no knowledge at all about computers.
But it can be a starting point to suggest better terms if they are
actively engaged in the project and update the suggestions. I hope it
is not just another project designed mainly to get a budget and
produce nothing. Therefore some one has to play a good cop, while i am
being a nasty one. Daniel do you think you can take contact with them
and may you can allow them to use the qalat database. Once you said i
should not give it out since it is not finished and i still use it
only my self to look up terms.

By the way are Minasse and other fellow localisrs are there? I have
not heard any thing from them. Are there only the two of us in this
list or others are still there? If there is any one beside us please
say so. I feel like in complete dark room not knowing whether there
are people or not :-). It is disconcerting.

thnx again Daniel

On 7/28/06, Daniel Yacob <locales at> wrote:
> Just some updates on my end.  I'm finishing off some work with OOo over the
> next 10 days and sending it to Ethiopia (with some Ubunutu CD) where some
> groups will continue on with it.  Following that I'm freed up to work on
> font issues for Ubuntu, I've contacted the font managers and have been
> breifed about packaging issues.  Following fonts I'd like to get into
> keyboards.
> Tegegne, there are several keyboards for Amharic that work with Ubuntu,
> I didn't understand which one you were having problems with.  Can you
> clarify?  Also, with KMFL, what .kmn file are you using?
> cheers,
> /Daniel
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